News Mash-Up - Week # 38



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Top News Items

    • Nintendo released a 25-minute Nintendo Direct video. Notable new titles that got promoted include Mario Party Superstars, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Triangle Strategy, Splatoon 3 and Bayonetta 3. Nintendo announced a new tier to its Nintendo Online subscription service called Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass. The new plan will grant access to nine N64 games to begin with, followed by a further 7 Nintendo 64 games released sometime later. Fourteen SEGA Genesis games will also be included in the package. No pricing details have been announced but the company did mention it is expected to roll out in just a month’s time in late October. Nintendo is also releasing Switch versions of Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis controllers, each for $50. Both controllers will be wireless.

    • The Edge browser for the Xbox consoles has been patched to the Chromium version that is fully compliant with the versions found on PCs. Mouse and keyboard control for the new browser have also been added. Any browser-based office applications will work with the new Edge update, such as Google Docs, Office 365, messaging applications and cloud services. Gamers should also be able to get access to the web-based version of Stadia and web-based emulators. Microsoft and retailers may position the Xbox Series S as an alternative to a cloud based micro-PC or desktop Chromebook, as well as the fact it is a gaming console.

    • The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has released new guidance for in-game advertising. Falsely advertised “timed” DLC or items are to be discouraged. All in-game currencies should display their true real-world value. The report also recommends individual prices for any items included in a bundle be disclosed. Although the ASA has no fining powers, its recommendations shape legislation and legally bound advertising codes.

    • FIFA 22, which will release this Friday, will include Preview Packs that let players see what's inside loot boxes prior to purchase. The Preview Packs will not replace the usual FUT packs which will continue to form the bulk of the FUT experience.

    • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are both investigating Activision Blizzard for employee misconduct. Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick and other senior management, have been subpoenaed to provide their internal communications regarding the company's response to the allegations. The company has issued a statement that they are fully complying with the investigation.

    • StreamElements, software used by vloggers to enable tracking analytics for their videos, has raised $100 million in funding.

    • Twitch has signed an agreement with the National Music Publishers' Association over copyrighted material. Any streamer that uses copyrighted music will be given a warning before their content is removed. This window of time is to allow content providers an opportunity to amend their videos before any strike down notice is authorized.

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New games

Week commencing Monday 27 Sept. 2021 

Date Title Platform(s) Genre(s) Developer(s) Publisher(s)
28 Sept. AWAY: The Survival Series Win, PS4, PS5, XBO Action-adventure, survival Breaking Walls Breaking Walls
  Dandy Ace NS, XBO Action role-playing Mad Mimic Neowiz
  Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds iOS, Droid Adventure Square Enix, DeNA Square Enix
  Ghostrunner PS5, XSX Action One More Level 505 Games, All in! Games
  Lemnis Gate Win, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX First-person shooter Ratloop Games Canada Frontier Foundry
  Neo: The World Ends with You Win Action role-playing Square Enix, h.a.n.d. Square Enix
  New World Win MMORPG Amazon Games Orange County Amazon Games
  Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye Win, PS4, XBO Action-adventure Mobius Digital Annapurna Interactive
29 Sept. Insurgency: Sandstorm PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX First-person shooter New World Interactive Focus Home Interactive
30 Sept. Astria Ascending Win, NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX Role-playing Artisan Studios Dear Villagers
  Darksiders III NS Action role-playing Gunfire Games THQ Nordic
  Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Win, NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX Adventure Maze Theory BBC Studios / Just Add Water
  eFootball 2022 Win, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, iOS, Droid Sports PES Productions Konami
  Hot Wheels Unleashed Win, NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX Racing Milestone Milestone
  The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki PS4 Role-playing Nihon Falcom Nihon Falcom
  Mary Skelter Finale[b] NS, PS4 Action role-playing, roguelike Compile Heart Idea Factory International
  Melty Blood: Type Lumina Win, NS, PS4, XBO Fighting French Bread Delightworks
  Toy Soldiers HD Win, NS, PS4, XBO Action, strategy Signal Studios Accelerate Games
1 Oct. FIFA 22 Win, NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, Stadia Sports EA Vancouver EA Sports