Meet Jean - Front-end Architect


Can you introduce yourself?

I am Jean Muhire, an IT Professional with more than 7 years of experience. I joined Sparkers/B2Boost at the end of 2013 and I have been enjoying the adventure ever since.


What is your role at Sparkers and what is your career path so far?


Sparkers handles industry requirements and advanced feature change requests raised by customers.. I started collaborating as a Front-end Engineer in the end of 2013. My bachelor's degree in Computer Science and the experience acquired during my previous missions allowed me to perfectly fulfill my mission. I was able to evolve quickly in the company while taking on more responsibilities and acquiring new skills. Currently, I work as a Front-end Architect. In addition to my responsibilities as a Front-end Engineer, my role is to coordinate technical leads, define the technological evolution roadmap for front-end architectures, coach and guide Front-end Software Engineers and collaborate with other architects to design new solutions.


What does a normal day for you look like?


The quality and atmosphere of the Sparkers offices in La Hulpe offer a unique experience to its employees. The workplace is designed as an open office which brings a good psychological atmosphere and eases the communication between the teams. There are no hierarchical walls and employees can work in a more collaborative and motivating environment. This allowed me to grow personally and professionally by exchanging with my colleagues in a natural way.


Why do you like Sparkers?


From the start, I was looking for a corporate culture that favors good communication, creativity and autonomy rather than a hierarchical structure with micro-management. The Sparkers work environment meets all these requirements and I am able to thrive at work. We have the possibility of exchanging with the two CEOs as we could do with other colleagues. This allows me to always be up to date with the latest company news. In addition, Sparkers encourages its employees to take training throughout the year. I have the opportunity to acquire new skills and I am currently completing my studies with a Master's Degree in Computer Science.


What are your favorite video game & hobbies?


Video games have always been a passion since my childhood. They stimulate my creativity, my strategy, and my ability to solve complex problems. My favorite games are open world role-playing and first-person shooter. I am also interested in sports and socializing.